PANNOTAURUS - fine wines from selected single vineyards
A warm welcome to our fine wine selection. You will find out more about us, our wines and our vineyards. Wine is made with grapes, but not typical table grapes you'll find at the grocery. Wine grapes have thick skins, are smaller, sweet and contain bigger seeds.
We are focussing on famous grapes like Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Our grapes are treated in the best way through the whole growing, harvesting, processing, oak barrel storage, filling & shipping cycle. We are dedicated to highest quality and extraordinary tasting experiences.

ONLY THE BEST - of the best single vineyards are chosen.

We are selecting the grapes during the growing period, cutting out volume and keeping only top quality grapes growing. The remaining grapes are harvested under perfect climate and logistic conditions. State of the art cellar technology in combination with a rigid quality regime is delivering a natural balanced product.

All PANNOTAURUS fine wines are traditionally stored in small oak barrels for almost a year. Special treatments with fine yeast during the first 3 month in the oak-barrels are making another difference. This processes are called in the EU oak-cask matured, oak-cask fermented and oak-cask aged.

LIFE IS FAR TOO SHORT - to drink bad wine
We are Connaisseurs and want to share extraordinary wine tasting experiences. We create wines for lush taste explosions on your palate. And we want to share our passion!

GOOD WINE - needs time
Our wine treasures are reaching excellence with the time of storage. They should be opened earliest 2 years after harvesting date.. The full power will be set free after 5-7 years of storage. You can store and drink them much longer.

is a joint project of Thomas Stadler and Günther Neukamp with the aim to create high quality wines which are offering long lasting extraordinary tasting experiences.

Thomas ancient roots are located in the PANNOian lowlands, since several generations. Günther unifies many qualities of a TAURUS like determination, passion and professionalism.

Thomas Stadler is a young wine maker, happy father of two amazing kids and former sportsman. He grew up in the wine maker familie of Josef and Andrea Stadler Weingut in Halbturn. Since 1984 the Stadlers built up a prospering wine production with now 40 hectars of vineyards, and a wine distribution network for the gastronomy. Based on his rich, hands-on-experience in the vineyards and the cellar he decided to create a high level fine wine line of the next generation.

Günther shares Thomas passion for quality and professionalism. He is Owner and CEO of Neukamp & Partner Risk Consulting GmbH. In his professional career he consulted, managed and developed different kind of businesses. As a solution oriented, creative expert with open senses for high quality culinary adventures he felt the need for natural rich fine wines from Halbturn. Decades of wine drinking and fine dining are another strong reason to start this project.

LET’S INSPIRE YOU - We wish you extraordinary tasting experiences!